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General practice attorney cases fall in a wide range of overlapping practice areas, from drafting wills and handling personal injury cases to negotiating tax settlements with the Internal Revenue Service. Common practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, wills and probate, trusts and estates, landlord and tenant, and criminal law. Please read on to find a general practice lawyer or access information about general practice law.

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Ask a Lawyer - General Practice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Can I secretly record threats against me?
I live in a subsidized apartment with a roommate. My roommate has schizophrenia and talks to herself for hours every day. for the past month or so, I have become her favorite subject, and she has started threatening my physical safety during her talks. I have sent texts to our case managers (their agency is our landlord) and they usually go unanswered. My roommate knows I hear her monologues - she said so during one of them - but we've never talked about it face to face. Can I legally record her when she talks about or threatens me, but I am not actually participating in the conversation? Thank you!
Is there a way to not be responible for your spouses debt?
What name/names should I use?
I just got engaged and would like to maintain my maiden name for professional purposes and take his name for all other/personal purposes. Is there a way to legally use either name? I live in Michigan. (Sorry, I didn't know which legal topic this would fall into.)
Spraying Perfume in the workplace
A co-worker continues to spray perfume after she goes out to smoke. I have told my employer and they have spoken to her and she of course denies spraying the perfume. It is causing me to have migraines every single day from the smell. They said that they were going to move me and now they tell me they are going to move me from my desk to the desk right next to mine, which faces the opposite direction (which would do absolutely nothing because the perfume she sprays seems to filter out of her office, down the hall and end at my cubicle). How they think moving me to a desk right next to mine would solve the problem, I don't know. Are they required to move me to where I do NOT smell it, because obviously she is going to continue to spray it and nothing will be done by my employer about it.
Can I get an injunction to stop phone calls from my sister to my ex-husband?
Sister who lives in Pennsylvania calls her ex-brother-in-law (an attorney in Dallas, TX). As his ex-wife, I think these calls are inappropriate. She will not stop calling him on a regular basis after being asked. He will not cease and desist keeping up the dialog because I believe he is conducting some sort of informal "interrogatories" to get financial information of my family that is clearly none of his business. I would not class the calls as "harassing", just annoying. Since they will not stop talking to each other voluntarily, do I have a legal remedy In Texas to formally have them cease and desist the dialog?
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