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General practice attorney cases fall in a wide range of overlapping practice areas, from drafting wills and handling personal injury cases to negotiating tax settlements with the Internal Revenue Service. Common practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, wills and probate, trusts and estates, landlord and tenant, and criminal law. Please read on to find a general practice lawyer or access information about general practice law.

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Ask a Lawyer - General Practice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
my doctor said if i fail a drug test she will dyfs. can she legally do that?
I do not have a drug habit. In fact I haven't smoked weed in over ten years but my mother and grandmother passed away and I took it very hard.
I bought a new car the dealership required I buy Gap Insurance through them vs my insurance company
early retirement
I'm 35 years old. I worked for the state for over 12 years. I got sick and had to resign due to a medical  Condition and applied for retirement. I was denied initially and I appealed  their decision. I was granted a hearing for December 17. Unless  my neurologist testifies, the judge won't hear my case. Because she works for  Atlanticare she has to be subpoenaed. Every attorney I've found deals in social security matters. I'm stressed and don't know what to do.
How to stop harrassing phone call
Call for my son who is a JR to my husband. He claimed bankruptcy 10 yrs ago, we have not responsibility to his debt he was over 21 and married did / does not live in my home. The callers are rude abusive when asked not to call theym insult us stating we should pay for his debt, don't we know where he is, my sone was advised the bandrupcy debt is sold over and over and that is where the calls are related. He no longer has credit issues. How can I stop the calls
i read my neighbors mail by accident can i be sued
My neighbors credit card statement was delivered to my box and I opened it and read it before realizing it wasnt mine. I took it to her and apologized but she is threatening to sue me for invasion of privacy. Can she sue me?
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