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General practice attorney cases fall in a wide range of overlapping practice areas, from drafting wills and handling personal injury cases to negotiating tax settlements with the Internal Revenue Service. Common practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, wills and probate, trusts and estates, landlord and tenant, and criminal law. Please read on to find a general practice lawyer or access information about general practice law.

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Ask a Lawyer - General Practice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Should my child be made to take a drug and alcohol class for taking a sip of water which turned out
He also got suspended for 15 days on top of this.
Can you be turned down by your doctors office if you miss more than 4 appointments
Today I called my doctors office to get a physical so that I could get a referral to see if I have breast cancer she explained to me that the couldn't see me because I missed 5 visit in the span of 2011 to 2013 so I was told I could no longer go there anymore that was the only doctors office I've ever been to beside the one I went to when I was pregnant and gave birth can they really turn me down what should I do.
Who keeps the engagement ring if the wedding is cancelled?
We both decided and agreed that we don't need to be married to live together. She says the engagement and wedding band was a gift and she is keeping it no matter what. Of course I disagree. What is legally correct?
Do i need a lawyer, do i have any legal rights concerning the issue below?
A friend bought a race car 3 yrs ago with the intent of me driving it and having his business name on the car. After the first year my friend lost interest and gave the car to me. There is no car title for this old race car. For the past two yrs the car has been housed in my garage and raced by me at the local track. All of the upgrades and new parts over the last two years were paid for by me. All the labor has been done by me. Now today out of the blue he contacts me and says he wants the race car back. Does he have legal right to do this? I have over $4000 in parts and upgrades on the car. He says he wants the car back by Friday or he's calling the police. I will not have time to remove all of my parts by Friday. Can he have me arrested and take the car. Do I have any rights to the car?
Am I able to file a lawsuit against my sons school for his broken arm he sustained while in their ca
My son was at school playing when he was tripped by one of his schoolmates. This happened on August 22, 2014. The young man that tripped my son on purpose and now his risk is broken in two different places. Can I file a lawsuit against the nurse and school.
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