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General practice attorney cases fall in a wide range of overlapping practice areas, from drafting wills and handling personal injury cases to negotiating tax settlements with the Internal Revenue Service. Common practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, wills and probate, trusts and estates, landlord and tenant, and criminal law. Please read on to find a general practice lawyer or access information about general practice law.

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Ask a Lawyer - General Practice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
How to get relative's money from her friend
My mother was working in USA (NJ) as a caretaker of elderly. About 2 months ago she suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized for few weeks in NJ hospital afterwards was transferred to her home country in Europe, where she is now in a nursing home. Her lady friend was given her last salary from employer at which house she had that stroke, plus she received a partial deposit back from her landlord. This lady friend now refuses to send me my mother's money. My mother is now paralyzed and unable to speak, therefore all of her care is u to me and I have had numerous expenses during the last month that she is back. My financial situation is difficcult as is, I urgently need money that mother has with her friend now to provide and pay for current and upcoming medical expenses.
Can I recuse Judge for conflict of interest?
I am involved in a foreclosure action in NJ Superior Court under Judge X. I am also involved in an employment action and the opposing counsel is the Y law firm. I found out that Judge X worked for the Y law firm before his judicial apptmt. Is that grounds for recusal?
Being called once an hour by insurance company and hung up on each time, what action can I legally t
I received 3 calls last night, once an hour at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm from Cigna Specialty Pharmacy's automated system. The calls then resumed at 8am the next day. Immediately after picking up the system hangs up on me. After the first unwanted call I requested to be removed from all automated calls. After the fourth and most recent call I took a screenshot of my phone's call log and recorded (after notifying them they were being recorded) myself notifying them that any further calls would be considered harassment and their understanding. If I receive another call at 9am what are my options?
Is it illegal to take a photograph of a child being distructive or unsafe in NJ
We live in a condo complex & the kids are disruptive and play on stuff they could get hurt on. I snap photos of them because when you ask them to stop they don't and the parents ALWAY kid would never do that! Is it illegal?
What kind of attorney do I need
We purchased a manufactured home 1 year 8 months ago. Worst experience ever!! Have had nothing but problems with the house and the company. I can't get the company to fix any of the problems, or if they say they will, they send out a guy that doesn't finish. I have had a kitchen sink that has leaked off and on from day one, they have "fixed" it 3 times!! My walls are crooked, but my house is level. And now, we have electrical outlets that have stopped working. This is just a few issues. We had to contact the state in the beginning just to get the house set up. The company won't fix the problems, the mortgage company can't "put pressure on them because technically they do communicate with us" and I am not being helped. Should I find an attorney and if so what kind?
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