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General practice attorney cases fall in a wide range of overlapping practice areas, from drafting wills and handling personal injury cases to negotiating tax settlements with the Internal Revenue Service. Common practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, wills and probate, trusts and estates, landlord and tenant, and criminal law. Please read on to find a general practice lawyer or access information about general practice law.

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Ask a Lawyer - General Practice Law questions answered by leading lawyers
Parking attendant hit pedestrian with my car, who's liable?
He hit a pedestrian,had a suspended license and I'm being sued.  Insurance legal counsel wants to interview me but I was in NYC while this attendant was repositioning my car in the lot (I presume).
Is it illegal to use maiden name as middle name on DL?
My wife thinks she broke a law by putting her maiden name in place of her middle name on her drivers license.I guess it's been that way ever since we moved to Texas in 1975. She won't go sign up for Social Security because she's sure she's going to be arrested. PLEASE help me with this!
how do I change title from deceased son in to my name?
My son killed himself in December of last year. He owned nothing so there was no estate or probate. Three months later I paid off the 1995 corsica he had through a buy here pay here lot and they released the title, but in his name. I want to title it into mine and insure it. I don't want anyone else to have this car, it was his first and only car, so I really need to keep it even though it is not worth anything to anyone else. It is in bad shape and it is really just the principle. Eventually I will take the car to have it crushed, but it still runs, so once in awhile I will run it. I was told by BMV that probate will send it to auction and sell it to the estate.
What are my rights
I purchased a storage building, metal carport, play ground equipment and patio furniture from my next door neighbor (a male app. 30 years old) approximately 45 days ago. He approached me and offered to sell all of this to me because he said the house was going to be in foreclosure in a few months and he was moving and didn't want to move this stuff. Come to find out his mother had moved to Texas 6 months earlier and it was her possessions not his. He was still living in the house with her permission and he is in a drug rehab now. His mother came home to visit and found her stuff sold and filed a report with Sheriff's Dept but didn't press charges on her son. She now wants me to return everything that I purchased. My husband and I paid him $3550. and had to miss 4 days of work combined to move things and spent $400 more on having the metal carport moved. I paid cash for all of it and only have a few text messages from the son about selling me things and stating what he originally paid for it and how much he would sell it to me for. I am not the only person this happened to there is 2 others that he sold to also. What are my rights?
Do I hae any recourse for fraudulently represented used car purchase from a private party?
I purchased a car based on description and pictures from private party in LA and shipped it to WI. It was not at all as represented - billed as "needs nothing" but in actuality is unfit to drive. Was even delivered missing the battery! I've tried reasoning with the seller but he's basically said you bought it, you own it, done deal. Is there anything I can do to get some, if not all, of my money back and return the vehicle?
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