Can I file a claim against a school who allowed an administrator to meet with my child against my will.

Asked on Jan 26th, 2012 on General Practice - New York
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I filed a complaint regarding an activity that my daughter was forced to participate in while on medical restrictions, the complaint included unfair grading in this subject. The administrator met with me and then passed it on to a higher level. The higher level offered to hear my complaint but Only if my child attended. I refused as the stress that she was subjected to prior to my filing was too much for me to ask her to endure again. I informed the school and the administrattion that in no way would I allow her to participate in any meetings as she was not aware of my actions and it would instill un-necessary stress upon her. The administrator opted to exclude me and go ahead and have a personal meeting with my daughter. The meeting was held at the school within one of its confrence rooms where she was called out of class and interrogated. I am so upset that this administrator went against my wishes. Do I have cause to file a claim against them.
Answered on Feb 05th, 2012 at 12:57 PM
I certainly would file a complaint with the superintendent of schools. As for a 'legal' claim, that would depend on what actual damages were sustained by your daughter. Gerry Wendrovsky,    

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