I was eating a salad and found myself chewing on a cigarette butt what can I do

Asked on Oct 17th, 2015 on General Practice - South Carolina
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I was at a restaurant (wings n ale) last night 10/16/15 and ordered a plate of nachos and a salad which upgraded for $1.99 more to add meat, which I added turkey. I ate the nachos last night and did not even open the tray my salad was in until today at my sister's house I. Sumter, SC.10/17/15. As I was eating my salad I ended up chewing on something that at first thought was a piece of burnt baked chicken,however when I took it out of my mouth I found out that it was a cigarette butt. I have called and told the manager(Clint) about it and his suggestion was to offer me another salad. He(Clint) gave me the owner's number(Keith) and I told him about it. He suggested that I come back to the restaurant tomorrow when I am back in Columbia, S.C. and let him see the cigarette butt that I found.
Answered on Oct 18th, 2015 at 6:06 PM
Probably nothing. To prevail you will have to prove the cigarette butt was placed in your salad at the restaurant as opposed to you placing it in your salad at home for obvious reasons. Proving that will likely be impossible.
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